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About Us

We are a socially responsible business enterprise balancing profit-making activities with activities that benefit tribal societies, working for the welfare of tribal artisans and the development of handicrafts through design intervention. We provide a bridge between India’s Tribal art and buyers.

Our aim is to organize national and international exhibitions/workshops to give cultural exposure to the artists. We are also part of a French NGO “Duppata” that works for women empowerment in India. It organizes a month long cultural event comprising various exhibitions showcasing tribal and folk art from India in different parts of France. Each year tribal artists are invited to stay in France and display their art and culture.

We are certified members of “Craftmark” which provides certification for genuine Indian hand-crafted products. Under this initiative, AIACA licenses the “Craftmark” seal to artisan organizations, craft-based businesses, cooperatives and NGOs for use on their products.

Gaia Tree was set up with THREE basic objectives in mind:

1. For Buyers
To offer art and artefacts that are both UNIQUE and AFFORDABLE.

2. For Artists
To provide the platform of a virtual gallery for our folk artists.
Young talented folk-tribal artists have few opportunities to showcase their work to the world. The internet dramatically increases their ability to reach an audience beyond their local channels of distribution.

3. For Folk Artist Communities
To partner with NGOs who work with our artist communities.
We believe we can and should do more than sell folk-tribal art from specific artists. We aim to make a difference at the Tribal community level as well.

About the Founder

Born in Pune, Padmaja pursued her Bachelor of Architecture at Pune University. She moved to Bhopal in 1995 and set up her architectural practice with her husband. Together they have designed wilderness lodges at prominent tiger reserves in Madhya Pradesh. Whilst in the process of creating earthy designs she came across various folk artists and artisans from the region. She found that these artist communities were underrepresented and took up their cause, becoming a full time promoter and activist for the tribes of India, particularly the Pardhan Gonds and Bhils of Central India. Since then Padmaja has organized and curated shows in Pune, Goa, Bombay, France and USA.